Jul 3 2019

Whole Lee Sheet!

Is this a blog post? Was that other stuff also a blog post – ALMOST 6 YEARS LATER?!? What’s going on with the world? What just happened?

So here’s the deal:

I started up my own company. Married a wonderful woman. Got sucked into playing this crazy augmented reality game called Ingress that consumed WAY more time of my life than I really care to admit. Moved up to Washtington. Started rebuilding my businesses. Ditched Facebook. Finally got to the point where I got tired of that game. Got a little drunk tonight & almost posted the previous post to social media before the sliver of reason I still retained suggested otherwise – BUT I STILL WANTED TO SAY IT SOMEWHERE – so I posted it here. It’s a safe place. It’s my place. I OWN IT.

This post knows there’s more to the story, but won’t spill the beans.

Jul 2 2019

Let me Google that for you!

Have a complaint that makes little to no sense? Believe in fringe conspiracies that are completely ridiculous? Think that “THE GOVERNMENT” is out to get you? Have a difficult time understanding the complexities of modern living? Don’t understand how something works? Too lazy to fact check for yourself? I’m your guy! Message me your ludicrous notion, idea, or belief and I’ll Google it for you so you have the full set of facts to make sure that you double-down on your ignorance! Why open your mind to other possibilities when the voices in your head are screaming their insanity louder than any fact or reason could possibly surmount?

Private message me and I’ll publicly post your ignorant question along with links to relevant information showing you that you’re dumb as a stump and shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

What’s more is that I’ll guaranty DOUBLE your money back! What’s DOUBLE times Free? DOUBLE FREE! You won’t find this deal anywhere else!

This entry can’t believe the things it’s seen!

Jun 27 2013

This is not a blog post

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve written anything here. I find myself deleting attempted spam comments two or three times a month. The regular updates to WordPress (the blog software running this) happen automatically and I dutifully update the database each time. So as long as I’m doing the work to maintain this blog (and a few others for friends & family), I figure it’d be good to use it!

So much has happened over the last couple of years, I don’t know where to start! Dawn & I are doing better than ever. Rece & Kimmie both graduated out of high school this month. Come September, we’ll become empty-nesters when Kimmie goes off to Denver to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. The two of us are looking forward to exploring that next stage of adulthood together.

A year ago I started my own company, I.T. Rogue, LLC. I’m happy to report that it’s growing, albeit slowly. It’s such a great feeling to work for yourself!

Well, let’s see if I can find the time & motivation to start blogging again. I enjoyed doing it before, so I should like doing it again, right?

This entry went off to find itself and finally made it back.

Oct 20 2009

So what happened?

Well, it appears that I’ve gotten myself involved with too many outlets and not enough time (or inclination) to do them all. So with my 365 days of photos project, my time spent playing LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) with friends, hanging out or talking with friends, and just spending time to myself, I’m finding that some things are falling behind – this blog especially.

One thing that I’m currently having a difficult time in staying focused on is my 365 days of photos project. With the exception of just 2 or 3 days, I’ve been dutifully snapping at least one picture a day and then posting it online on a regular basis. The part that’s sometimes frustrating is that my motivation to do it is sometimes lacking — sometimes for days at a time — and I end up taking some lame picture just to get it over with. Then there are the times when I feel like I’ve been bit by the shutterbug, but due to work or other engagements, I run out of time – or the opportunity passes.

So this post seems to be mostly to whine about having too many fun and interesting things to do and not being able to get to them all. I guess I’ll leave it there.

This entry is spinning, spinning, spinning!

Apr 1 2009

Oh, that’s right, I’ve got a blog!

I’ve been kept busy enough with my 365 Day Photography project that I’ve let my blog languish out here in the cold expanse of cyberspace (does anybody really call it that anymore?!?) for far too long.

The photography project is moving along just fine and life has settled into a nice even rhythm, for the most part. After today’s visit to the doctor I’m feeling some added motivation for getting into better shape. My blood pressure is higher than it should be, but not dangerously so, and I’m about 20 pounds too heavy. I admit to having beome a bit lazy and not as active over the last year or so – and my eating habits probably aren’t the healthiest either (but oh, so tasty!). So that’s something that’s gotta take a higher priority for me than it has been lately.

Today I took a picture of Rece that I’m quite proud of:

028/365 - Shadows

It was fun to see an idea for a photo in my head and to actually make it work. This did take some effort, but I really like the result. I learned a lot while doing it, too!

Anyhow, that’s my update for now.

This entry almost forgot how a proper entry should behave!

Mar 4 2009

A blog full of GiR

Watch out! There’s a new blogger on the loose!

Rece has officially started his own blog today and I wanted to congratulate him on creating his first post!

It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

This entry wants its own blog, too!

Jul 18 2008

A little hitch in my gitty up

It seems I’ve rather stalled in my attempt of writing a blog about my recent (and excellent) vacation and sorting/tweaking the 1000+ pictures I took along the way. While some progress has been made on the photos, the writing is pretty much non-existent.

So with that in mind, I’ve started uploading the photos that I’m done working on. You can check out the ever-growing photo set here.

This entry isn’t really feeling the pressure to churn it out too quickly.

May 1 2008

Why I blog & play video games

I just read a very interesting article about time, technology, media, participation, and gin. While I don’t especially care for gin, the article was fascinating. Check it out if you have some time.

This entry has surplus time.

Apr 18 2008

Google ranking

My coworker, Rachel, has a blog. She’s been getting into site stats and how well her site ranks on various search engines and social bookmarking sites. She just ran up to me, excited as all get out, exclaiming:

“I’m ranked 4th for ‘I hate dog shit!'”

I, on the other hand, seem to have a rather different view of the metrics that indicate the success of a website. Not that I’m saying my site is any indication of success.

This entry wears underwear.

Mar 22 2008

Just messing around

I found a cool interactive photo gallery that I could plug in to my site. It’s just a test for now, but you can check it out at:


It would take quite a lot of effort to keep it maintained, unless I was adept at scripting (which I am most definitely not), so I figure it’d be a place where I’d post only my favorite photos.

Anyhow, let me know what you think!

This entry has apparently come down with a tweaking bug.