Whole Lee Sheet!

Is this a blog post? Was that other stuff also a blog post – ALMOST 6 YEARS LATER?!? What’s going on with the world? What just happened?

So here’s the deal:

I started up my own company. Married a wonderful woman. Got sucked into playing this crazy augmented reality game called Ingress that consumed WAY more time of my life than I really care to admit. Moved up to Washtington. Started rebuilding my businesses. Ditched Facebook. Finally got to the point where I got tired of that game. Got a little drunk tonight & almost posted the previous post to social media before the sliver of reason I still retained suggested otherwise – BUT I STILL WANTED TO SAY IT SOMEWHERE – so I posted it here. It’s a safe place. It’s my place. I OWN IT.

This post knows there’s more to the story, but won’t spill the beans.