So what happened?

Well, it appears that I’ve gotten myself involved with too many outlets and not enough time (or inclination) to do them all. So with my 365 days of photos project, my time spent playing LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) with friends, hanging out or talking with friends, and just spending time to myself, I’m finding that some things are falling behind – this blog especially.

One thing that I’m currently having a difficult time in staying focused on is my 365 days of photos project. With the exception of just 2 or 3 days, I’ve been dutifully snapping at least one picture a day and then posting it online on a regular basis. The part that’s sometimes frustrating is that my motivation to do it is sometimes lacking — sometimes for days at a time — and I end up taking some lame picture just to get it over with. Then there are the times when I feel like I’ve been bit by the shutterbug, but due to work or other engagements, I run out of time – or the opportunity passes.

So this post seems to be mostly to whine about having too many fun and interesting things to do and not being able to get to them all. I guess I’ll leave it there.

This entry is spinning, spinning, spinning!