Jan 29 2008

Pie, family, and nothing at all

It’s a slow day at the office today; a welcome break if you ask me. Right now I’m scanning an old computer for malware and viruses. It’s an old Windows 2000 computer with 128 MB of RAM. (that means it’s horribly slow, for you non-techies)

While the scan runs I’ve checked and replied to all my email, read all my RSS feeds, chatted with the office manager, and now I’m writing this post. Bored might be a word for it, but I’m not really. Relaxed might be a better fit.

Yesterday I installed a second video card in my computer. It’s configured in SLi mode, which means that it’s got a helluva lot of graphics power. While I was at it, I also installed a second hard drive. It’s not configured yet, but I plan on using it to mirror my existing hard drive for redundancy. The computer is turning out to be a real powerhouse. I might even go so far as to install another operating system or two on the unused partition just for fun.

Right now custody of Rece is settled. He lives with me, but visits his mom every other weekend and also has a mid-week visit. It isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, but maybe it’ll work. I’ll be going back to court in March for a hearing to decide on the amount I’ll pay for child support, if any. Right now I pay my ex $230 a month. It doesn’t seem fair, since I pay for everything regarding Rece. Hopefully the judge agrees with this.

One relief for me was that the judge rejected her request for spousal support (alimony). She’s more than capable of working: she has a college education (BA in psychology) and plenty of work experience. She can no longer threaten me with it.

Hmm … that’s all I feel like babbling about for now.  Back to work!

This entry feels detached today.

Nov 5 2007

Yahoo! mail & obvious SPAM

I’ll get straight to the point:

(click to view full size)

Doesn’t that look like SPAM to you? It sure looks like SPAM to me! It seems that Yahoo! can’t seem to recognize a subject line completely packed with a bunch of symbols as SPAM. This gets on my nerves. It’s almost every day that I flag these types of email as SPAM, but time and time again I see my inbox filled with it. I just don’t get it. To me it would be simple to identify any subject line — or sender name (!!!!) — with more than 3 symbols in it as probably being SPAM.

I can somewhat understand the OXFORD ONLINE LOTTERY getting through, since it’s in ENGLISH.

This entry wants SPAM to go away.

Oct 24 2007

Humping Dog USB Drives

These are real. You can buy USB drives with little dog characters on them that when inserted into a USB drive, hump your computer.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjBVyxc1EHU]

This entry … ah, hell … what?

Oct 4 2007

The Simpsons Suck in Spanish

“What? You mean you’re not going to post another video today? Are you crazy? I live for that shit!”

Sleep is just something my body knows it should do, but doesn’t really want to go about, well, yanno … actually doing … enough. I’m finding myself completely awake much later than, say, 2 weeks ago. Last night I got around 4.5 hours of sleep. What’s especially odd to me is that I’m not even tired — which is and isn’t a lie, sorta. I mean I feel like I’m not getting enough sleep, but I don’t feel tired. Does that make any sense? The night before I got about 5.5 hours of sleep.

It isn’t because I’m doing anything that would keep me up that late. I’ll stop playing Lord of the Rings Online as early as 11:00 pm and still not be able to get to sleep 2 hours later. Drinking a couple of beers will make me a little drowsy, but when I get into bed, I can’t fall asleep. There’s nothing like wanting to go to sleep, feeling like you’re going to go to sleep, but not actually falling asleep. Huh? What? Exactly.

We’ll see what happens this weekend. I don’t have anything planned (except to get rid of my cat) and Rece will be at his mother’s for the weekend, so it may be possible to get caught up on some missing rest. So my theory goes, at least.

Yep, I’m getting rid of my cat. I won’t say how, but the cat will be gone. Okay, I will say that it involves a shelter, but that’s it. My apartment smells of cat pee and I’m not happy about it at all. Didn’t she read my earlier post about restroom behavior? Stupid cat.

Work has been very busy lately, thanks to an anti-virus software roll-out project for one of our clients. They have over 120 computers that need their anti-virus software upgraded. All but about 30 of them are at remote locations, on stand-alone workstations, with staff that barely know how to right-click, let alone attempt to install software on their own — well, except for Smiley Central … they always seem to manage getting THAT piece of crap installed. Oh, lordy, lordy!

The entire process is very repetitive. We convinced the company headquarters that this was the perfect opportunity to make sure all of their computers were up to date and operating properly. So on top of the anti-virus software upgrade we’re doing updates, patches, and general system maintenance/tune-up things. The entire process is very repetitive. One of the only complaints I have is that it gets boring rather quickly to do the same process over and over again. It’s like the bottle in your shower says, “Lather. Rinse. Repeat.” except that bottles don’t talk. But some computers do (“Shall we play a game?”). The entire process is very repetitive.

So, yeah, sleep. My apartment is a complete mess right now. To see just how messy it’s become, click the webcam link to the right. Don’t forget that the username is Webcam1 and there is no password.

The web host I use to host my website, this blog, and Quinn’s blog just increased my online storage from around 175 GB to 478 GB for free. I’m trying to figure out what to do with all that space, since at this point Quinn and I have only managed to use around 0.1% of it. Online backup? Maybe. I’ll have to figure out how I can secure what I put up there before that becomes a feasible option.

Right now I’m at the office working on a client’s computer that’s hundreds of miles away. Their office is out in the boondocks, so the only Internet service they can get that’s better than dial-up is satellite. It’s pretty neat, but the latency is a bitch! I’ll click on something and it’ll take a second or two before I see that it did it (or didn’t). What typically takes around 2-3 hours to complete is looking like it’ll take 3-5 hours. The entire process is very repetitive. Hey, it’s all billed by the hour, so who am I to complain? I know my boss won’t!

The good news is that I’ll have plenty of work to do for the next couple of months. The bad news is that it’ll be a lot of the same stuff over and over again. I’m definitely going to have to get the other techs working on this project so I can change things up a bit.

Can one really be poor when they’re rich? Fuck if I know. I’m glad you asked, though.

This entry thinks that the entire process is very repetitive.

Sep 10 2007


This old video from 1966 does a pretty good job of predicting about the future of home computing …

[flash http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4796674762025998102]

This entry knows better than to take a taxi in L.A.

Sep 7 2007

Fixed it!

Well I figured out how to fix the problem with being unable to embed flash videos on my blog posts: I just needed to encapsulate the code for the Flickr badge doo-hickey to the right within its own DIV tags. I’m glad it was something simple, because I really like that doo-hickey (besides I spent about an hour and a half hacking the code before I figured out how to make it look the way I wanted).

I was going to post the video I linked to in my last post, but it’s been taken down for violating copyrights. Oh well.

In other news … uh … I have nothing to say, really. Life is good!

This entry likes to play patty-cake with poodles.

Aug 28 2007

New Computer

After 12 years, I finally built myself a brand-new computer. This may seem odd to hear from an I.T. guy, but the fact is that since the first computer I bought back in 1995 I’ve had a computer that was either some constant set of upgrading one piece here, one piece there, leftover used parts that clients no longer wanted, or a part replaced when the one I was using eventually failed. I wasn’t trying to live on the cutting edge of technology, but I did manage to keep my system current enough to handle whatever it was I wanted to do.

The computer parts were ordered last week from Newegg.com and the last box arrived yesterday. I assembled it last night and stayed up late installing Windows XP (I won’t try Vista until after the first service pack), all the usual plug-ins and applications (Foxit PDF reader, 7-Zip, QuickTime, PrimoPDF, Adobe Flash/Shockwave players, etc), and all available updates from Microsoft.

The late hour didn’t bother me much since I was going out with Christine, Sam, & Rece to watch the lunar eclipse later. I took some pictures of the eclipse, that I’ll post some time soon.

So back to the computer … I brought the computer to the office with me so I could continue installing software when I had some spare time between projects and assisting clients. This thing is fast! I’m quite impressed and getting anxious to give it a test drive soon. I loaded Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and will probably hop on to play after I’m finished typing this post. I should be able to turn up all the video options that my old computer either had trouble displaying or was unable to display at all. I’m so excited!

This entry is going to journey to Rivendell!

Jul 27 2007

Seniors Play With Their Wii’s, Too

Today I went to an 82 year old client’s retirement community to help him with some issues he’s been having on his computer. He was very happy to learn that he no longer needed to use AOL’s ridiculously slow software to check his email and stock portfolio (he’s loaded, btw).

On my way out, I glanced at their daily events board and had to grin …


So I guess it is true that the Nintendo Wii is enjoyed by people of all ages. That’s cool.

This entry wants to play shuffleboard on its Wii!

Jul 26 2007

Windows Live Writer test

This is a post made using Windows Live Writer. I learned about it from:

Scribes – The Best Free Blog Editor: Windows Live Writer

So here it is.

I can also use it to insert a bird’s eye view of my apartment. How cool!

Exciting, eh?

This entry hopes it works correctly.

Jul 25 2007

I think I’m going to be sick

I just installed AOL on a client’s computer. Deliberately.

Dear God, what have I done?

This entry just threw up in its mouth … just a little.