Nov 18 2007

I can’t believe it

She threw out a free fishbowl bowl of candy because “… it was mostly full of smarties and dum dums …”. I fucking love Smarties!

This entry just crashed from a massive sugar rush.

Oct 24 2007

Humping Dog USB Drives

These are real. You can buy USB drives with little dog characters on them that when inserted into a USB drive, hump your computer.


This entry … ah, hell … what?

Oct 15 2007

Darth Vader Plays the Blues

All right … something a little lighter for a change.


This entry wants to look on you with its own eyes.

Oct 5 2007

Sheep Experiment #1

The next time you feel the need to grasp a fistful of fluffy wool and hear panicked bleating, just remember that ewe are one sick puppy.

This entry isn’t all there, is it?

Oct 3 2007

Yay! It’s not another YouTube video!

It’s still a video, though…

This entry wants to pluck Disco Duck!

Oct 1 2007

Yes, I’m out of ideas

I haven’t been particularly inspired to write anything lately, but I do happen upon some funny things on the web … especially on YouTube. Here’s yet another video:


(if the video doesn’t display, click this link)

This entry is peeling, like an orange or a banana.

Sep 17 2007


Either this guy is a total nut job, or he’s got a kick-ass sense of humor…

This entry is experiencing the discomfort of a mild sunburn.

Sep 10 2007

Don’t Cha


This entry’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Sep 5 2007

Some days I wish that I had Cartoon Network

Check out this series of funny clips.

(I tried to embed the video, but apparently my Flickr photo thing to the right conflicts with it.)

This entry loves a good Star Wars spoof.

Aug 30 2007


I personally believe that U.S.  Americans
are unable to do so because Osama.

People out there
in our nation
don’t have that,

And I believe that our education
like such as south Africa and
such as the Iraq.

everywhere “such as”.

And I believe our education
should help the U.S.
should help the South Africa
and the Iraq
and the Asian countries
so we can build up
our future.

This entry loves maps.