Dec 10 2008

Evil Lego

Feeling rather demented, I opted for something both silly and sick in the head as a scene for today’s photo.

 December 10, 2008

It took a little time to sort through what’s left of Rece’s Lego collection and find enough pieces to set this up. Then I sucked a little ketchup (catsup?!) into a straw and blew it out, splattering it right where I wanted – and looking better (worse?!) than anticipated. Rece got home not too long after and inquired as to why his Legos were in the drying rack …

This entry doesn’t understand the point.

Dec 8 2008

Dog is my copilot

Sometimes I forget to turn the autofocus back on.

 December 8, 2008

This was cute and quick. I stopped by the store and saw this dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car. It was a handicapped spot, so either the dog drove the person to the store or the handicap is that the driver is a dog. I’m not sure which.

I pulled my camera out of my car to snap this so quickly that I forgot to turn the autofocus back on and I wasn’t paying much attention to what I saw in the view finder, so I didn’t think to manually focus either. This was the best focus out of all the shots.

This entry forgot to finish this entry.

Nov 3 2008

Kiss a Wookie, Kick a droid …

If this video doesn’t make you smile, stop reading my blog.


This entry can’t get the tune out of its head!

Oct 14 2008

Solar Solace

I just found this article online that has some of the most stunning pictures of our sun that I’ve ever seen.

While I’m on the subject, here’s some Monty Python for your enjoyment …


This entry is enjoying its ride on our little blue marble.

Sep 19 2008


I went home for lunch yesterday and made myself a sandwich. I set it down on a table and thought it looked pretty good … so I took a picture. Later that evening I pulled it into Photoshop and applied the Orton Effect to it. Yes, I was that bored.

Orton Sandwich
(click photo for larger view)

This entry found the sandwich delicious.

Aug 5 2008

Don’t Mind the BuzzKill



This entry urges you to pay it no mind — no, it hadn’t been drinking.

May 14 2008

James Earl Vader

A fun remix of Star Wars cut with lines from James’ other roles.


This entry is curious about the dark side.

Apr 18 2008

Google ranking

My coworker, Rachel, has a blog. She’s been getting into site stats and how well her site ranks on various search engines and social bookmarking sites. She just ran up to me, excited as all get out, exclaiming:

“I’m ranked 4th for ‘I hate dog shit!'”

I, on the other hand, seem to have a rather different view of the metrics that indicate the success of a website. Not that I’m saying my site is any indication of success.

This entry wears underwear.

Mar 31 2008

Confused yet?

This is an actual email from one of my personal clients:

“I only use outlook for my calendar on my home computer and blackberry contact info and on my current work computer (desktop that I am not going to use anymore) I used MSN email and no outlook for anything but I think I will be using that with the new laptop for email and blackberry since that is where the technology has gone. I will still have my MSN email address but using it through outlook right? All the contact info is on my home computer to load and with my MSN email addresses. I have most of them but I know this is confusing but I can sort it out with you in person.
Basically I use the following:
Home computer-I log into MSN hotmail and do emails from home-It also has my blackberry contacts through outlook that you put there from my sony clie and I can add new ones and use the calendar but I have yet to sync it to my blackberry. I just use the calendar on the blackberry itself to use the reminder and not sync it to my home computer.
Work destop (will not use anymore) has my sony clie contacts and I use the sony clie for my calendar-(will not use that anymore either I will use the outlook on the new computer) I will need to take my email addresses from MSN and put them in outlook on the new computer laptop as I will no longer be using MSN (I don’t think) and will be using outlook with the calendar and contacts.
We will get this organized and you wil see where I want to go and hopefully I am doing the right thing. To many places that I go instead of using outlook for everything and it is compatable with the blackberry. I am used to that now and it is nice but still some kinks.
See you Thurs..R”

This entry is still trying to recover!

Nov 26 2007

Everyday Normal Guy


Check it out, yo.

This entry doesn’t like rap, mother fuckah!