Dec 6 2008

Last minute guitar

Time just wasn’t on my side today. So I ended up having to do another photo at home. I can’t say this is bad or good, but it was an attempt at something different.

December 5, 2008

My dad was in town so we went out for dinner to catch up on what’s going on with one another. The picture is of his guitar. He’s had the thing forever and it always reminds me of when he used to play and sing for us as kids. One of my favorites was one we called “Jungle Boy”. I’ve tried finding the lyrics to the song, but I never can. There was a part of the song where he’d do this jungle bird call type of sound that would make us all giggle and laugh. My dad’s love of music is something that seems to have stuck with me. It’s no wonder that his children have made it big a part of their lives, too.

This entry remembers furious strumming and a “brrdddddddd – KAH KAH KAH!”

Oct 15 2007

Darth Vader Plays the Blues

All right … something a little lighter for a change.


This entry wants to look on you with its own eyes.

Oct 6 2007

Mozart on Bass Guitar

This is amazing. Yep, this is another YouTube video.


This entry appreciates the talent of a good musician.

Sep 3 2007

Music Inclination

My buddy Quinn seems to have been inspired to pick up his guitar again and start producing some of his music on his computer. This makes me happy; not only do I get to hear his music, but it also means that we’ll likely get the chance to play together when he comes back out next year. June can’t get here fast enough!

This entry has a fever …