Nov 26 2007

Everyday Normal Guy


Check it out, yo.

This entry doesn’t like rap, mother fuckah!

Oct 24 2007

Humping Dog USB Drives

These are real. You can buy USB drives with little dog characters on them that when inserted into a USB drive, hump your computer.


This entry … ah, hell … what?

Oct 15 2007

Darth Vader Plays the Blues

All right … something a little lighter for a change.


This entry wants to look on you with its own eyes.

Oct 6 2007

Mozart on Bass Guitar

This is amazing. Yep, this is another YouTube video.


This entry appreciates the talent of a good musician.

Oct 3 2007

Yay! It’s not another YouTube video!

It’s still a video, though…

This entry wants to pluck Disco Duck!

Oct 1 2007

Yes, I’m out of ideas

I haven’t been particularly inspired to write anything lately, but I do happen upon some funny things on the web … especially on YouTube. Here’s yet another video:


(if the video doesn’t display, click this link)

This entry is peeling, like an orange or a banana.

Sep 19 2007

We’re all a bunch of monkeys

Yup, this pretty much sums it up.


Okay, there is supposed to be a YouTube video above, but something seems to have gone wacky with it again. I’ll leave it as-is and hopefully I’ll have time to figure out what’s wrong with it again. In the meantime, here’s a direct link to the video:

This entry wants to dance like a monkey!

Sep 17 2007


Either this guy is a total nut job, or he’s got a kick-ass sense of humor…

This entry is experiencing the discomfort of a mild sunburn.