Nov 25 2008

The Mines of Moria

I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online since it was in the beta phase. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent roaming about a decent digital interpretation of Middle-earth and making friends along the way.

Earlier this month Turbine (the company that produces the game) released an expansion to the game, extending the land that players can venture into to encompass the Mines of Moria and Lothlorien. To their credit, the Mines of Moria are an incredible sight to behold. The vast caverns and dwarf-delved halls are awe-inspiring.

I took quite a few screenshots while I was there and wanted to show them off. 🙂

Give me a 'T'! Fire Helmet
Mines of Moria - Western Entrance Mines of Moria
Friends Mines of Moria
You Cannot Pass! Mines of Moria
Mines of Moria Mines of Moria - Eastern Entrance
Lothlorien Lothlorien
ScreenShot00526.jpg Mines of Moria - They delved too deep
Mines of Moria - Shadow & Flame Mines of Moria - Balrog

You can check out my Lord of the Rings Flickr set for more screenshots and to view the larger versions of these.

This entry is just one small dwarf in a very big cave.