Losing my mind

I’ll admit it: I’ve had a few drinks tonight.

I then made the mistake of browsing Facebook and when I read a reply to a post saying “Those masks have tens of thousands of little holes already” in regards to the use of cloth masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, I about lost it. So since I can say whatever the fuck I want here, I’m posting my response to get it off my chest…

“Uh hahahahahahahahahahahaha yep. But a mask will definitely slow the force of your breath and coughs, thus reducing (that’s the key word: “REDUCING” come on, say it with me, then look it up in the dictionary, if you’re still confused) the distance it can travel, and the chance of spread of whatever germs you may be carrying. This, applied to everyone, will mean collectively (I know, I keep using the HUGE words) the risk of people who are infected, even if they’re asymptomatic (crap, I can’t help it! This English language just has so many of these hard-to-understand-words!!! Look that one up, too OK?), from spreading this novel (I’ll save you yet another trip to that dictionary this time, it means: “NEW, NEVER SEEN BEFORE”) virus to others. See, you simpleton, it’s not about 100% blocking you from getting infected or others being blocked 100% from getting infected, it’s about REDUCING THE CHANCES. If you look at large enough numbers, the reduction (that means “the lessening of something” by the way) of infected cases dramatically falls and less people die from – or have to suffer life-long health issues as a result of – contracting COVID-19. If this concept is too difficult for you to understand then you should step away from the conversation entirely, as you are sorely ill-equipped to contribute to it in any meaningful way. Good day, sir!”

This type of post might become more common in the future.

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