When it starts, it starts

Beware of people who are untrue to their words. Do not put up with dishonesty. Your word should be like iron. Others should come to learn this through your constant example.

Material things are temporary. The old saying “You can’t take it with you” is true. Spending more than you have is inviting disaster and risking enslavement. Save some, spend some, and then enjoy the rest – in that order.

Good friends are extremely hard to come by. You’ll be lucky to find one true friend in your lifetime.

Stand up for yourself, without threatening. A bully will usually back down when they suspect their mark might be more trouble than they thought; they are usually weak in spirit themselves.

Think. Then act. The reverse will get you into more trouble than you’d like.

Laugh! Laugh from the bottoms of your feet, up through your legs, into your gut, and expel it all through your lungs. Be blinded the tears of joy and revel in it.

This entry sits in a cave, high up the mountainside.