She did it again

A friend of mine suggested that I document all the times that Sherise (Rece’s mother) flakes out on him. So I figure that I’d just go ahead and do it here.

Rece dropped by his mother’s place this afternoon to spend time with her, but she was on her way out. He said that she indicated she’d be home around 7 or 8 in the evening and would see him then. He had to catch up on some of his chores, so I left him at home so he could do them while waiting for her to pick him up.

At around 9:30 pm he called me to let me know she called to tell him to come by her place around 11:00 am tomorrow. She didn’t call earlier, so he would know that she wouldn’t be there, she called hours after he had waited all night for her to get there. How shitty is that?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So to keep up with the documenting part, and since I’m already in that mode now, I’ll also mention about how 3 weeks before Rece’s school year ended, she and I had a sit-down talk about what he was going to do over the summer. Seeing how she was now between jobs, she’d have plenty of time to spend with him. We had agreed that I’d give her money to pay for the additional costs this would result for her. This was supposed to begin the Monday following his last day (which was a Thursday — 6/21/07).

The weekend before his last week of school was supposed to be her weekend with him, but I hadn’t heard from her since our meeting 2 weeks earlier. The week went by without so much as a peep from her. I was worried about what Rece was going to do, so I checked into a local teen camp. A couple of spots were still open on Friday, so I was prepared to enroll him if she ended up flaking out.

She flaked out. Sunday night (6/24/07) came around and she still hadn’t contacted us. We had managed to get hold of her boyfriend earlier in the week and he said that he hadn’t heard from her since they had an argument over a week earlier.

Monday morning I drove Rece to the teen camp and enrolled him for 2 weeks.That Tuesday I got a cryptic text message to contact her on a new number (which turns out to be a new boyfriend’s phone). I do, leaving a message, to which she returned to tell me about being sick and her boyfriend woes. She says that she’ll be picking Rece up the next morning, but I inform her that since she didn’t contact me, I was forced to make other plans. At first she was very upset, thinking that I was penalizing her … but she eventually calmed down and realized that I was only acting in Rece’s best interest.

So this is the mom that my son has to deal with. He loves her dearly and gives her every benefit of the doubt when she flakes out on him, or picks him up hours later than promised. I feel badly for him, but I know that I shouldn’t try to rescue him from it. He needs to experience it and see how she is for himself.

This entry is frustrated at it all.