Shaken, not stirred

I’m writing this while working for a client. Right now I’m at a repetitive part of the project, which is the imaging of their computers from a snapshot of the first computer that I configured this morning.

The most exciting thing to happen today was the 5.4 magnitude earthquake, centered just 5-6 miles from where I’m working. The people working here have just now calmed down enough to not talk about it over and over again.

Today would have been quite frustrating had I not discovered an open wireless connection available from somewhere nearby. I’ve caught up on all the reading I missed lately, checked out some pictures from friends, and read some interesting articles.

The fun part about all of this is that I’ve been using the George Costanza method of looking busy: appear annoyed. So here I sit, typing away on my computer with a slightly furrowed brow and trying my best to appear focused on something important and a little irritating. Nobody has bugged me for 2 hours so far, which helps me get the project done without hassle and also get some personal enjoyment while I’m at it. 🙂

This entry likes to whistle while he works.