Good Job Hunting

Well it’s official: I’m changing jobs.

After working at the same place for 9 years (and always making below the low-end for my position) I finally decided to start looking for another job. My friend Christine has some mad skillz in this arena and helped me out more than I can say. After a few months of no-pressure searching, I found myself on a couple of interviews with some companies. One of them went very well.

In two weeks I’ll be starting with a computer consulting company that provides IT solutions. It’s a nice bump in position/title, with a decent increase in pay to make it worth all the hard work I’m expecting to be doing. My official title will be Network Engineer and it’s looking to be a position that will challenge me and help me grow in experience. The folks at the new place all seem to be good people and I got along with them from the start. I’m glad they could see my potential and found me to be a good fit for what they were looking for. I’m really looking forward to this!

I must admit that I’ve got mixed feelings: I’ll miss the people I’ve worked with for so long. It’ll feel strange going to a different place in the morning than I have been for the past 9+ years. It’s also very exciting and full of interesting challenges!

The whole process has been a series of new experiences for me. Most of all, I feel a lot more confident about my future — and most of all, about myself. We’ll see how it goes!

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