Dealing with trailer trash

Yep, I’m guilty of it. I’m labeling some of my neighbors. Right now I’m listening to the 13 y/o boy across the way yell at his mom. He doesn’t live there, he just comes over from time to time. I assume that he lives with his dad.

Son: “No, fuck you! I told you I’d be here with my friends, and that they wouldn’t want to sit waiting around all fucking night.”

Mom: “No you did not. You’re full of shit. Get the fuck out, right now!”

To top it off, the neighbor I share a garage with has had about a dozen boxes sitting on my half of our shared garage taking up space for going on 8 months now. They’re in the way and Rece has trouble moving his bike in and out of the garage. Every couple of weeks or every month she’ll make some promise to have them moved “this weekend” or “no later than X day” and yet they remain. “I can’t move them, I have a bad back” is the latest excuse she’s come up with. Just 30 minutes ago she detailed some big story about he sister moving and being able to move her boxes out in 2 weeks when that happens. I told her that she until July to get them out or I’d be moving them myself — into the dumpster.

Now I hear her outside, screaming, for her daughter at the top of her lungs. How lovely.

The people that occupied the complex weren’t like this when I moved in. There’s a pretty high demand for places to live in this area, so one would think that the owners could be more selective with their tenants. 2 owners ago this place was much nicer, too.

Okay, I think that I’m done whining about my neighbors for now.

The quote of the week comes from a client that claims she majored in computers in college and that she’s “very good” with them…

“Is my computer so slow because it doesn’t have enough rams?”

This entry doesn’t want to have to deal with these people as much as he does.