Nov 28 2006

Kitchen Konversations

Today I spent my lunch in the office break room. Usually it’s pretty quiet and I just read the paper. Today was a little more entertaining…

I was cleaning the inside of the microwave, as my food had splattered around the inside, when one of the ladies stopped in and gawked at me in amazement. She commented on how she’d like to get a pictures of a man cleaning out a microwave. She gave me a high-five on the way out.

As I sat eating my delicious re-heated lasagna leftovers (thanks Christine!) I picked up a conversation around the corner by the refrigerators. Three gals were standing around and staring into one of them, commenting in rather obvious awe of how clean they were. Then they opened the freezer to a chorus of “Ooooo….” and “Aaaah…”. One came around the corner and noticed my grin and giggled, realizing how strange the conversation must have sounded like from where I was sitting.

Something tells me that some of the folks in the office could use a little time off.

This entry cleans up after his messes!

Nov 16 2006

Empty Inbox

My inbox is where I keep all pending work requests, unanswered emails, etc. For the first time in probably 6 months, I’ve managed to get it down to this…

This is a sight for sore eyes!This entry likes to celebrate the simple things in life.

Nov 2 2006

Halloween Pics

As promised, I’ve posted some Halloween Pictures on my Flickr account. I’ll post at least one more as soon as Christine sends me the one we took before I went trick or treating with Rece, Sam, & Anna.

This entry still craves sporkfuls of blood!