365 Photo Project

I want to take at least one photo, every day for
an entire year, and post the photo(s) online.

Honestly, I’m nervous about even posting about this idea. It’s as though by announcing it, I don’t have any choice but to actually go through with it. I guess that’s why I’m putting it out there.

The month of photos project I did this past December turned out to be a rather interesting experiment. It helped me feel more comfortable about taking my camera with me wherever I went, made all the manual settings on the camera less scary to me, got me to start seeing the world a bit differently, got my creative juices flowing (why does that read so gross?), expanded my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and it helped improve my photography skills.

That month-long experiment did teach me that putting some reasonable limitations on myself is probably a good thing, though. So here are the general guidelines for the project:

  • Take one or more photos every day for a full year (365 days)
  • Post the photos online (to my Flickr account) a minimum of once a week, but try to post them every day or two – when possible
  • Include at least some detail with each photo (below the photo on the Flickr page); be it an observation, description, and/or a story to go along with it
  • Post a blog entry about the photos only when I feel like it – but not necessarily to accompany every picture or group of pictures I post to Flickr (this was the part that gave me the most trouble last time and I don’t want it to become an unreasonable obstacle to the core project)

So there you have it. I’ll start tomorrow … no, wait – I guess that would be later today, now that I notice the time!

This entry is intersted in seeing how this turns out!