001/365 – And so it begins

I started with a light switch, but it turned out looking like crap. Then I tried a corner of the ceiling in my bathroom … hmm … not interesting enough to start off the project. Sitting next to my computer I spied a spindle of CD-R discs, the light reflecting off the top one, which got me thinking. So after taking 24 pictures all over my apartment, I finally came up with one I liked:

001/356 - Number one

It’s not amazing, but I think it’s pretty and rather interesting to look at. I’m positive that I’ll have days where I don’t give a shit and end up taking a lame picture of something stupid, but I’m looking forward to being pushed like that – outside my comfort zone is often where I tend learn something completely new.

I’ve added a link to the right side-bar to my 365 Project Flickr set. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

This entry ate a meatloaf sandwich for dinner!